How much does a tattoo cost?

Tattoo pricing varies greatly and depends upon many factors including size, detail and placement. Our minimum price for any tattoo is $100.00 and hourly rates are $200.00.


Do you do custom work?

Yes we specialize in custom tattoos. Come in and talk with an artist. Then the design can be drawn up once a deposit slip is filled out and a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is put down.


How old do you have to be?

All customers must be over 18 unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, in which case both minor and parent and or guardian must have proper I.D. 


What I.D does a person need. 

To be tattooed if you are 18 or older, we require a state issued I.D., drivers license or passport. The state of New Jersey does allow for minors to be tattooed with the consent of a parent or legal guardian provided they are present. In addition the minor must have a photo I.D. This I.D can be school, city or state issued. They must also have a birth certificate. The parent or legal guardian of the minor must have a valid I.D that connects them to the birth certificate. No exceptions will be made.